We are open to every kind of partnership with companies

Why BEST Brno?

BEST Brno is a local group of international student organization BEST (Board of European Students of Technology), that operates at Brno University of Technology. We have a long history (from the year 2005) and through the years we’ve been able to create a very strong know-how, that is handed down from one generation to another. We are open to every kind of partnership with companies. And what we can offer you?


Partner companies have a possibility to participate in our projects to get in direct touch with active students, who are participants of our events and also organizers (members of BEST Brno), who are all students of Brno University of Technology.


We are a part of the Department of Foreign Relations of Brno University of Technology and because of that we can provide  contact with the university to our partners and find different options of cooperation.


Our partner companies have a possibility to make their brand more visible by participating in our projects and that they can do so directly at the faculties of Brno University of Technology or at our social media and website. Companies can introduce a portfolio of their area of interest during the events and make it more attractive for students.



EBEC is the biggest engineering competition all over Europe. Every year nearly 200 students from Brno University of Technology participate in EBEC Brno. Students compete at three faculties and in two categories. We always cooperate with companies when making the tasks. During EBEC there’s also a JobFair, which takes place right at one of the faculties. The companies have a chance to increase their visibility among the students and get in direct contact with them by participating in the event.


UnIT is an IT Hackathon. Students compete in teams of 4 and they have 24 hours to finish an assignment which they then present in front of a jury consisting of experts. They compete in several categories that cover different fields of IT (Frontend, BigData, web applications…). We always cooperate with companies when making the tasks. It’s a great possibility for the companies as they can get in direct contact with IT students and increase the visibility of their company among the students.

BEST Courses

BEST Course is an event, that lasts 1-2 weeks. Usually it has its academic part, which is focused on a given topic (last year it was industrial automation) and a social part, which is full of different social and teambuilding activities. One course takes place in Brno each year. There’s also some space to cooperate with a company, mainly in the academic part. For the company it’s a great possibility to get in touch with international students from all over Europe.

If you are interested in any of our projects and you want to participate in some of them and start a partnership with us, don´t hesitate and contact us

President of BEST Brno

Petra Výbohová
Contact me if you need to communicate with BEST Brno.”
Tel.: +421 902 778 230
Mail: petra.vybohova@BEST.eu.org

Treasurer of BEST Brno

Eliška Kučerová
You can contact me with regard to partnership.
Tel.: +420 774 954 758
Mail: eliska.kucerova@BEST.eu.org

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